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Combat system improvements

. Posted by: , Comments: 93

Revision 3952 brings two important changes to the combat system. Click "read more" for details.

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Crucible of Carnage!

. Posted by: , Comments: 37

Twilight Highlands arena makes a comeback in revision 3950! Fully rewritten, with new bosses' spells, higher damage, correct timers and no longer freezing encounters awaits new challengers.


To arms!

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Closing the development of patch 4.0.6

. Posted by: , Comments: 153

It's high time to take a step forward. Together we have decided to close completely the development of patch 4.0.6 and redirect all our forces to 4.3.4.

Currently we are working intensively on 4.3.4 and in July we will be testing this patch (only the administration). As usual we will not give a deadline yet, but in the near future you can expect a new patch on the public test realm.

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